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SCAR Angled Charging Handle


Angled Charging Handle - While the SCAR's monolithic upper receiver with full-length top rail provides the user with a lot of real estate to accommodate any choice of current optics and sights, the OEM charging handle can often become a knuckle or finger buster. The short length and straight shape seldom offers proper hand clearance when mounting QD throw lever optic mounts or reflex sights. TD's FNS-ACH charging handle eliminates this operational hazard, allowing proper charging of the weapon without damage to hands or fingers. The unique design is angled to allow up or down orientation, on either the left or right side of the weapon. Its shape is easy to grasp with or without gloves, and the rounded contours will not become sharp if impacted during field operations. Serrations are machined into the front and rear for a secure grip.

When initally announced, the ACH was designed as high impact polymer over a steel stem. The production version is one piece for optimum strength, and is quality machined from a block of 4340 steel, heat treated to 40 Rockwell, then manganese phosphate coated to MIL-STD 171. This was done to eliminate the chance of the polymer breaking off from an impact, and leaving sharp edges. The FNS-ACH fits the MK16, MK17 and MK20 SSR, and all commercial models; the MK16S and MK17S.

photos from militarymorons



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U.S. Army Soldiers Still Free To Use PMAGs


"Army officials acknowledged June 6 that TACOM’s message was poorly written and not intended as a directive on the use of PMAGs," according to a report from Military Times about the previously issued TACOM Life Cycle Management Command last April that only GI aluminum magazines were to be used for the assault rifles in the US Army. This led to confusion and resentment from soldiers in the field since a good number have been using the polymer M4 magazines and find them to be reliable.



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New Products from Tokyo Marui


Following are obscured snapshots of new products from Tokyo Marui.

A new MP7, it could be gas blowback.

A P90 OD version

A new Beretta from the looks of it. again it could be electric.

A new Smith & Wesson revolver.

All of these will be revealed in Shizouka Hobby Show on May 16-17.



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Remington Contract


Remington has acquired a contract to supply the US Army of 24,000 units of M4 Carbines.

The M4 and M4A1 carbines are the US Army’s primary individual combat weapons and will be produced by Remington to the US Army’s M4 technical data package. The Army has initially ordered 24,000 M4A1 carbines from Remington; deliveries will start in September, 2013.

“The innovation, quality and reliability of Remington rifles have made our company a leader in defense markets around the world,” said General Michael W. Hagee (USMC, Ret.), a Remington Arms board member and former Commandant of the Marine Corps.

“The chance to expand our strong military and defense presence producing M4s for the U.S. Army is a great opportunity,” added General George Joulwan (US Army, Ret.), also a Remington board member and former Supreme Allied Commander of Europe and head of NATO Forces. “We are proud and honored to serve those who serve all of us.”

Remington, in operation since 1816, is one of the oldest continuously operating manufacturers in the country. The M4 and M4A1 carbines will be produced at Remington’s core rifle manufacturing facility in Ilion, New York.

George Kollitides, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Freedom Group and Remington Arms, noted, “Over the past four years, we have made a substantial investment in Remington’s ability to compete in the government small arms space by modernizing our production facilities, focusing our research and development on end-user requirements, and ensuring consistent and repeatable quality in a high volume, high mix manufacturing environment. We see this award as proof that an American manufacturing company can still expand its product offerings and compete in this modern age to provide best in class weaponry to our troops defending freedom around the globe.”



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Study Reveals That Guns Make Men Look Taller And Stronger


With gun in hand, a man of any size appears bigger, an altered notion that probably occurs at a subconscious level, a new study suggests.

The research, funded by the U.S. Air Force, reveals a seemingly simple mechanism that was even in the brains of Neanderthals, and possibly common even to chimpanzees, to measure whether they would win or lose a fight with an aggressor.

"There's nothing about the knowledge that gunpowder makes lead bullets fly through the air at damage-causing speeds that should make you think that a gun-bearer is bigger or stronger, yet you do," lead study author Daniel Fessler, an associate professor of anthropology at UCLA, said in a statement. "Danger really does loom large — in our minds."

Holding hands

Fessler, who is director of UCLA's center for behavior, evolution, and culture, and his colleagues ran several tests in which participants were asked to estimate the height of men based on photos of their hand, which was holding one of various objects, including a handgun. In some of the tests, participants also rated the object holder's overall size and muscularity based on a scale of six photos showing men with progressively more muscular bodies.

In one test, participants looked at four photos of different hands, each holding one of four objects: a caulking gun, electric drill, large saw, or handgun. [Infographic: US Gun Ownership]

Participants judged the gun-holders, on average, to be 17 percent taller and stronger than those rated as the smallest and weakest men, which in this test ended up being those holding caulking guns. Hand models holding the saw and drill were judged as the second and third, respectively, in terms of size and strength.

(The test involved 628 participants, 497 of them female, and averaging 34 years old. To get a sense of participants' sizing accuracy, the researchers also had them do the same height estimation for images of progressively taller men as well as a set of images showing progressively more-muscular men.)

Perhaps the phenomenon had to do with the fact that in pop culture guns are usually associated with bulky men (think Rambo or Arnold Schwarzenegger). To find out, the researchers ran the same test but this time showed hands holding a kitchen knife (a stereotypically female object), a paintbrush (a stereotypically male but benign object) or a toy squirt gun.

On average, the 541 participants in this test judged the men holding the most lethal object, the knife, as the biggest and strongest of the bunch, followed by those holding the paintbrush and the squirt gun.

"It's not Dirty Harry's or Rambo's handgun — it's just a kitchen knife, but it's still deadly," study researcher Colin Holbrook, UCLA postdoctoral scholar in anthropology, said in a statement.

Neanderthal mental mechanism

The researchers concluded that the results of the study can be explained neither by such factors as real-world associations between body size and guns — gun owners aren't taller than non-gun owners — nor by cultural associations. Rather, they suggest a mental mechanism in a distant ancestor was modified through the years and still exists today.

"In a species with a complex behavioral repertoire like our own, when two parties come into potential conflict there are many different features that can contribute to the likelihood that one side or another will win," including size of the individual, level of coordination within a coalition, and possession of weapons, among others, Fessler told LiveScience,

Fessler and his colleagues are proposing that one way the human mind might make sense of all of these variables, in a way that would allow a quick decision (to fight, retreat or negotiate), is to have a visual representation of an individual or group's formidability. In the mind, this formidability would be represented by size. [10 Mysteries of the Mind]

"Every time you have a new piece of information that tells you how dangerous that other party is relative to yourself, you update the picture by either enlarging it to make them seem [more muscular] or shrinking it and making them seem smaller and less muscular in the mind's eye," Fessler said.

The study, detailed online today (April 12) in the open-access journal PLoS ONE, is part of larger project funded by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research to understand how people make decisions in situations of potential aggression.

While this work someday could have practical implications for military strategies, in the near future the research is more about understanding complicated humans. "This is a first step in what we hope will be a number of investigations where the ultimate goal is to understand cognitive processes that underlie decision-making in situations of potential aggression," Fessler said during a phone interview.

By Jeanna Bryner, from huffingtonpost.com



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Panteao’s Colt Model of 1911 - “100 Years of Service”


The brainchild of John Browning, the Model of 1911 is the most widely copied handgun design in firearms history. Today virtually every major firearms manufacturer offers a version of it. Colt, however, is the only manufacturer to produce the 1911 continuously since its adoption by the US Army on March 29, 1911.

The Colt 1911 saw service in World War 1, World War 2, Korea, and Vietnam. Specialized units of our military continued to use the 1911 in Operation Desert Storm and even today it is seeing action in the hands of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. The 1911 celebrates 100 years of continued production and service.



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16 Million AK47


Russian Defence Ministry to destroy millions of stockpiled small arms until 2015

The Russian Defence Ministry will hold a large-scale disposal of obsolete small arms - pistols, rifles, machine guns and automatic rifles, the newspaper “Izvestia”. We are talking about weapons issued to the 1980s. A total of 2015 planned to dispose of four million barrels. According to the source of the newspaper in the military-industrial complex, military depots to date has accumulated nearly 16 million small arms, 6.45 million of whom are already worn out.

It should be noted that the assessment announced by the source of the newspaper is probably not accurate. In September 2011 the First Deputy Defence Minister of Russia Alexander Sukhorukov said that the stocks of only AK-74 in the warehouses is around 17 million units. Taking into account other types of firearms that are stored at military arsenals, the total number of stems may be several tens of millions. At the same time the Russian armed forces comprise a million people.

By Tactical-Life, images by Steve Woods



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Locked, Loaded & Ready


Like the U.S. Navy SEALs who are trained and have been deployed in a wide variety of missions, including direct action and special recon, unconventional warfare, counter-terrorism, and other missions, TW has your back!

French statesman Duc de Richelieu (1766-1822) was once reviewing a proposed military campaign. When an officer placed a finger on a map with the remark, “We shall cross the river at this point,” Richelieu replied, “Excellent, sir, but your finger is not a bridge.”
Grand plans and big talk are one thing; For the grand plan to survive the first contact with an enemy depends on the total readiness of the forces involved. Give the Duke credit: Even in that distant time, he knew his forces would have to be mission ready—with weapons, tactics and combat psyche.

Today’s military and LE operators routinely must meet mission readiness requirements, of which no soldier from Richelieu’s time could have dreamed. How today’s professionals are doing exactly that is the theme of this special “Mission Ready” edition of TW.

Individual firepower is always an important subject in TW, and this issue covers the topic particularly well. For openers, consider our testfire report on the new Remington Semi-Automatic Sniper System made in partnership with JPE and AAC. Another sniper testfire covers the Steyr SSG08 now available in .338 Lapua Magnum.

By Tactical Weapons, Image by Ichiro Nagata



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Gangland’s Finest


California’s Special Service Unit takes on the most violent-offender cases in and out of the U.S. prison system.

Tasked with tracking down prison escapees, fugitives and parolees, SSU agents must be prepared to operate in any tactical environment to apprehend these repeat offenders. Veritas Officium Aequitas—SSU’s unofficial motto of Truth, Duty, Justice—sums up their past, present and future role as CDCR’s investigative bureau.

Although the CDCR (California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation) may be the primary recruiting ground for the elite SSU (Special Service Unit), its members are neither detention specialists nor parole officers. The SSU is all about investigating and apprehending violent offenders, most of whom are graduates of the CDCR’s institutions and/or programs.

Solid training equates to safe and successful missions. With such a small number of SSU agents in California, the on-call SSU must remain vigilant and tactically proficient as individual operators and as a unit.

One of the biggest misconceptions, even among law enforcement, is that SSU is a highly specialized parole unit, which they are not. SSU serves as the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation ‘s investigative bureau. They are the police agency within the CDCR. CDCR is one of the largest agencies in California and navigating around that huge organization can be rather confusing to the outsider.

The SSU was formed at the request of the Governor of California, to establish a liaison between the CDCR and other law enforcement agencies. With a large percentage of the crime being committed by repeat offenders, SSU is the compass and liaison that bridges the gap between the world of corrections and law enforcement agencies, state and federal.

By Ryan Richard, Images by Ichiro Nagata



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Crossroads Top Guns


With match-grade JP rifles, Las Cruces, NM S.W.A.T. excels in fighting drug-war crime and 3-Gun!

Unparalleled accuracy and flawless reliability in the 3-Gun competition world encouraged the LCPD to adopt the JP Rifles for law enforcement work. Las Cruces, New Mexico, is a small town with big city problems, but they’re no slouch when it comes to equipment. LCPD puts State and Federal grants as well as seizure money to good use.

Visiting Las Cruces, New Mexico, is like going back in time. The colorful city exudes all the rugged character of a Southwestern cowpoke ciudad of yesteryear. Nestled in the fertile Mesilla Valley between the towering Organ Mountains and Rio Grande River, it’s easy to imagine vaqueros riding down dusty streets past century-old homes. With a population of just 95,000 Las Cruces is a small city, but it experiences all the modern problems of larger metropolitan centers.

Often called the Crossroads City because it is bisected by Interstates 10 and 25, its geographic location creates interesting challenges for the Las Cruces Police Department. I recently sat down to chat with Lieutenant Mark Nunley. “Our issue is that because we are so close to the El Paso-Juarez border…the amount of narcotics that goes through the city causes issues with our interdiction units and traffic stops. The interstates make it quick and easy for people to get in and get out. Most of the stuff that comes through town is heading north or east, although we’re finding out that because of cartel problems in Tijuana we’re starting to see stuff go west again.”

LCPD S.W.A.T. used some hard-earned seizure money to equip team members with match-grade-accurate firepower from JP Rifles out of Hugo, Minnesota.

By Mike Detty, Images by Alex Landeen



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Self Guided Bullet – Very First


Sandia National Laboratories have invented a small caliber self guided bullet. The bullet contains an optical sensor, CPU, battery and electromagnetic actuated fins. It is able to track laser designated targets out to 2,000 meters.

The CPU tracks laser designed targets using the optical sensor in the nose and can make changes to its flight as often as 30 times per second. The below photo shows a nightime field test in which they attached a LED to the base of the bullet.

A LED attached the the base of the bullet shows its path.

Reading in between the lines of the Sandia press release this invention is a long way from actually being able to hit targets at long distances. Computer simulations indicate that the bullet could theoretically get within 8" of a target at 2,000 meters. Sandia is looking to license the technology to a commercial partner to develop the technology.



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Starbucks Buycott


2A supporters start Buycott to battle the Starbucks Anti-Firearm Boycott

Across the nation today, a group called National Gun Victims Action Counsel begins their Valentine’s Day boycott of Starbucks Coffee to bring to light the corporation’s unwillingness to support a ban on customer’s carrying firearms into their stores. There’s some background on the group’s demands in this press release.

Well, if you haven’t heard, the 2nd Amendment crowd has taken notice. They are mobilizingby suggesting folks spend a couple bucks at Starbucks today to show their support for Starbuck’s decision to allow any law abiding, firearm-carrying citizens to shop and eat in Starbucks unhindered by corporate policy. The use of a $2 bill is encouraged because it depicts the founding fathers signing the Declaration of Independence, though I guess it would make more sense if they were signing the Constitution…



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Excel Arms X-30R Rifle in .30 Carbine


One of the niftiest guns I have seen at SHOT is the Excel Arms X-30R Rifle. It is chambered in .30 Carbine and accepts M1 Carbine magazines. A number of models will be available later this year, including a pistol version. The gun is blowback operated and has a heavy recoil string to slow down the bolt.

Photos from the firearmblog

My only complaint is that the barrel of the rifle is 18", not 16".



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Heckler & Koch New products at Shotshow



Heckler & Koch's long anticipated MR762A1 rifle (in caliber 7.62 x 51 mm) debuts at SHOT Show 2012, joining the 5.56 mm model (MR556A1) released in 2011. The new MR762A1 rifle is inspired and influenced by recent Heckler & Koch piston driven rifles, including the new HK G28 designated marksman rifle developed for the German military.

A semi-automatic rifle originally developed from the fully automatic HK417, the MR762A1 uses the same HK proprietary gas piston operating system found on current HK rifles and carbines, using a "pusher" rod in place of the gas tube normally found in AR15/M16/M4-style firearms. This method of operation virtually eliminates malfunctions that are common to direct impingement gas systems since hot carbon fouling and waste gases do not enter the receiver area. This is the same key feature critical to the success of the HK416/HK417 rifles used by leading military and law enforcement customers.

The MR762A1 uses many of the same assemblies and accessories that originated on the HK417 including the HK free-floating four-quadrant rail system. This handguard system allows all current accessories, sights, lights, and aimers used on M4/M16-type weapons to be fitted to the MR Series.

The HK rail system can be installed and removed without tools and returns to zero when reinstalled. Like their HK military counterparts, the MR (for Match Rifle) series rifles use barrels produced by Heckler & Koch's famous cold hammer forging process. The highest quality steel is used in this manufacturing process, producing a long-life barrel that provides superior performance with minimal degradation of accuracy and muzzle velocity after prolonged use.

The barrels are manufactured in Germany and finished in the USA. MR762A1 rifles are produced in the USA from a combination of American and German-made components. Suggested retail price on the MR762A1 is $3,995.

HK45 Compact Tactical

The HK45 Compact Tactical builds on the tough, military lineage of the Heckler & Koch HK45 series of handguns to devise the ultimate operator's pistol. The HK45 pistol series (compact and full-size models) were chosen as the first firearms made at HK's American manufacturing facility so it is only fitting that a modified variant would be adopted as the new pistol of a major U.S. special operations unit.

The HK45 Compact Tactical (CT) is the closest a civilian can get to that military pistol. The HK45 CT comes standard with a threaded barrel, 10-round magazine with extended floorplate, and replaceable grip panels to adjust the feel and grip circumference of the pistol to suit individual hand size and shooting preferences.

The HK45 pistol series were originally developed as candidates for the U.S. military's next generation handgun competition so there is little wonder that the HK45 CT is so well-suited for military, law enforcement, and security use. An HK proprietary internal mechanical recoil reduction system reduces the recoil forces effecting the weapon and shooter by as much as 30%, improving shooter control during rapid firing and prolonging component service life. An "O-ring" barrel means better slide-to-barrel lockup and enhanced accuracy.

The HK45 Compact Tactical uses all HK45 magazines, from 10-rounders to the smaller 8-round magazine. A Picatinny MIL-STD-1913 rail for mounting lights and accessories is molded into the polymer frame of the HK45 Compact Tactical.

The HK45CT can also be converted to nine different kinds of trigger firing modes including HK's enhanced double action only "LEM" (Law Enforcement Modification) mode and the "decock only" mode found on its special operations counterpart. Suggested retail price ranges from $1,392 to $1,461 (depending on trigger firing mode selected).

MR556A1 Upper Receiver Kit

The MR556A1 Upper Receiver Kit allows high quality AR-style rifles to be retrofitted to HK's famous pusher rod operating system. An MR556A1 Upper Receiver Kit includes a complete barrel assembly, HK Free Floating Rail System handguard, complete bolt carrier assembly, HK buffer, and HK buffer spring.

The same operating system is used in the combat-proven 5.56 mm HK416 as well as the G36, XM8, HK417, and a variety of other Heckler & Koch arms. The Upper Receiver Kit is designed to be fully interchangeable with all high quality AR-style firearms that use retractable buttstocks and MIL-SPEC buffer tubes. Installation is accomplished by inserting the HK buffer and buffer spring and attaching the HK upper to an AR lower receiver using the standard takedown pins.

The Upper Receiver Kit is the core of the HK 5.56 mm proprietary gas piston operating system. It employs a piston and a solid operating "pusher" rod in place of the gas tube normally found in AR15/M16/M4-style firearms. The HK piston driven operating system virtually eliminates malfunctions that are common to the direct gas impingement system since hot carbon fouling and waste gases do not enter the receiver area. This is the same key feature critical to the success of the HK416 rifles used by leading military and law enforcement customers.

G28 Marksman Rifles

The G28 is the new designated marksman rifle for the German army. Based on the MR308 civilian competition rifle (the European variant of the new MR762A1), the G28 uses the HK417 "envelope" as its design foundation but with several significant differences.

The G28 employs a steel upper receiver, is semi-automatic only, and has a new, high-precision Picatinny-type rail handguard. A new two-stage gas regulator is designed for both suppressed and unsuppressed use. The G28 is equipped with a free-floating, chromed-lined barrel manufactured using HK's legendary cold-hammer forging technology.

Despite its differences from the HK417, the G28 still retains approximately 75% parts compatibility with HK417 models. Available in Standard Configuration and Patrol Configuration (3.5 lb/1.6 kg lighter with a shorter handguard and less powerful 1-8x scope), both G28 variants come standard with adjustable buttstocks. The Standard Configuration buttstock has a movable cheekpiece. Both G28 configurations and special low IR observable green/brown (RAL8000) color finish.

Lighter and shorter conversion kits will also be available to suit different missions and scenarios.
Standard and recommended accessories include Schmidt & Bender telescopic sights (3-20x50 or 1-8x24), red dot sight (Aimpoint Micro T1), a laser light module (Rheinmetall Soldier Electronics LLM01-RAL8000), night sight (Qioptiq Merlin LR), a thermal sight (Insight CNVD-T35), and laser range finders (Jenoptik HLR15 or Vectronix PLRF15). A special Peli (Pelican) transportation case and noiseless carrying sling is also available.

Notable performance features include warranted and repeatable accuracy of 1.5 MOA, high first round hit probability on chest size targets up to 600 meters, and precise suppression fire against man-size targets up to 800 meters.

Currently in operational use in Afghanistan, the G28 is designated as a military/law enforcement firearm and is not available for civilian/commercial sales.



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Marines – HK416


On the Shotshow Press briefing of HK, they announce the following:

Heckler & Koch was awarded a competitive contract to produce the U.S. Marine Corps' new Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR). The formal "Full Rate Production" announcement by the Marines caps a competition that began more than three years ago.

Designated the M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle, the lightweight, 11.62 pounds weapon with ancillary equipment, is a variant of the highly successful Heckler & Koch HK416 used by military, law enforcement, and special operations units in the U.S. and throughout the world.

The M27 IAR replaces the heavier, M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) which has been used by the Marines in Infantry Squads since the mid-1980s in the automatic rifle role. Both weapons fire the 5.56 mm NATO cartridge.

The five-year, indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contract calls for possible delivery orders up to $23,600,000 for the production, delivery, and associated support of the Marines' Infantry Automatic Rifle program.

The Marine Corps approved the full rate production and fielding of the M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle during the summer of 2011. There will be one M27 IAR per four-man fire team, with three M27 IARs per squad, 28 per company and more than 4,000 across the entire Marine Corps.



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Las Vegas Shotshow 2012


In a few days, shotshow 2012 will begin. Our people will be in Las Vegas to cover the event. We will be posting lots of photos here and videos. So keep posted.



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Umarex / IWI UZI .22 LR Rifle and Pistol


Umarex USA are importing .22 pistols and rifles patterned on the famous UZI machine gun. The guns are manufactured by Carl Walther in Germany but are branded IWI (the official UZI manufacturer). There are two models. The rifle model modeled after the UZI carbine and includes a folding stock and faux suppressor. The pistol model is modeled after the Micro UZI machine pistol.

Uzi rifle

Uzi pistol

Story and photos from firearmblog



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Stickman, the photographer behind all those photos that you see posted at Military Time's Gearscout, has launched his own website called StickGunner. Striking out to take on commissioned works in photography and product development, the website gives some initial details on how to contact him. Though it's still a single static webpage, those who want to utilise his services can get in touch with him.

To know more about his works, follow him on flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stickgunner/

Shown are some of his photos:



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AR-15: Everybody's Favorite Rifle


You know it. You use it. The AR-15 is one of the most used rifles, only beaten by the legendary Kalashnikov AK-47 and its sisters and brothers. This applies to the real world, but also in airsoft. Every where seen, people use the AR-15 weapon platform in form of short-barrel entry guns to full length 20" marksman rifles.

And it comes in many shapes, both in form of AEG and GBB, with Magpul, with RIS/RAS, with plastic handguard, with carry handle, with SOPMOD stock and the list goes on and on and on. But that is just standard. People customize their rifles to suit their needs, and the AR-15 seems to be the most modular platform to work on.

Production of AR-15s in airsoft seems to be never ending. Everyone from small local companies to huge, international brands produce it. It may be looked upon as the most produced weapon in airsoft. It primarily comes in 3 shapes: M4, M16 and M15, the last mentioned being the only to not use a real firearm designation.

"The AR universe is in flux. Companies are popping up right and left (and dying in the sun, in many cases) and the plethora of painted ARs to be seen on the range is like never before. There's one simple reason: the AR has finally become the ultimate home hobby gun," the article by Tactical Gear Mag opens.

"You can build an AR in any configuration from an entry gun, with a 10.5-inch barrel in 5.56 (with appropriate paperwork, of course) to a twenty-inch barreled marksmanship rifle in 6.5. You can have iron sights, or a scope; you can have a stock that adjusts or doesn’t; and you can have a trigger that is breath-light or pliers-heavy. All this beginning on the same upper and lower, without even having to get a special model to handle something out of the ordinary. Unless you’re going to a cartridge that doesn’t fit the magazine platform, you can do it all starting with the same basic upper and lower. You can also swap from the original direct gas impingement system to a piston system, and back. (Well, some piston systems would make switching back a bit tough, but that is a small detail.)" it continues.

The article is on the real steel AR-15, but it can to translated to airsoft: Looking through random images of airsoft on the world wide web, one weapon is likely to appear on almost everyone: The AR-15.

In airsoft, durability of the individual weapon system is up to the parts within the system and gearbox, which is why the AR-15 and the AK47 cannot be compared on that point. But why post an article on real firearms?

Airsofters often try to replicate the real steel firearms and the operators who use them, which is why knowing more about RS firearms will often translate into airsoft, giving people more respect for the weapons.

To read more, refer to the following link for at sample of the advertised book:


By airsoft2day


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GHK AEG to GBB Conversion Gearbox


GHK has come with another new innovation, a drop in gearbox conversion from AEG to GBB.



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New MUR! CNC Machined


CNC Machined MUR for Tokyo Marui New Generation M4 Recoil Shock Series.

If you already bought our CNC Machined lower receiver, then this should also be part of your gun. This CNC machined MUR receiver would go well on AEG, it is machined from a solid block of Aircraft-grade aluminum, the same material we used in our lower receiver.
This receiver is now in the production stage and will be available in the next few weeks.

This upper receiver is exact replica of the MUR M4 variant. As shown in the photos below:

Even the smallest nip here were copied. this is not manufacturing deffect, the real one have it too.

And the hole for the bolt assist is copied:

Shown here installed together with our lower receiver:

Stay tuned for availability



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Umarex HK416D GBB from VFC


Last month VFC announced the coming HK416D gas blowback rifle with full from Heckler & Koch thru Umarex. Below are the pages of spec and features and that will come with the gun.

Another one to be on the lookout for is the HK416C, CQC version of the 416D.



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TRAVIS HALEY "SKIMMER" Enhanced Carry Trigger System


The SKIMMER is the ENHANCED CARRY TRIGGER SYSTEM that gives your Glock the feel of a 1911. Manufactured using 100% Glock factory parts, all of the metal components are individually hand polished to a chrome finish for consistent, reliable action. The mated surfaces glide freely, adding a smooth short transition into a predictable wall. The trigger break is crisp and clean, reducing muzzle movement. This is made possible by our unique pre-travel reduction modification, which is non-adjustable. Multiple inspection points are part of the production process. This system is completely drop-in with no fitting required.



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Echigoya Sale!

Tomorrow is the big sale for all Echigoya Branches.


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Mechbox is Back!


One of the most popular Airsoft repair tutorial sites, Mechbox.com, is being re-launched with all-new content in January 2012. The new site will still feature video tutorials explaining how to dis-assemble and repair specific Airsoft gun models, as well as several new video programs, including gear guides, complete repair courses, and tech challenges.

All of the previously-released Mechbox.com videos are viewable on the Mechbox.com YouTube channel, located at www.youtube.com/user/Mechbox6mm.

For more information on the upcoming new content, readers may visit www.mechbox.com.

In 2011, Mechbox.com was acquired by US-based Airsoft retailer AirsoftFix, LLC. As a subsidiary of AirsoftFix, Mechbox.com will have unprecedented access to a variety of Airsoft guns, parts, and accessories to create new video content with. Although directly affiliated with a retailer, Mechbox.com will remain an unbiased source for Airsoft repair information and product reviews.



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Echigoya New Year Sale


This is how my workspace now looks like. This is in readiness for the New Year Sale, these are all additional stocks just for our valued customers.



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Airsoft Charity Event for Philippine Flood Victims


A week before Christmas, tropical storm Washi (Philippine Code: Sendong) caused massive floods in Mindanao, leaving over a thousand dead and thousands more homeless. The staff of NYCAirsoft quickly organized a fund-raising event for the Philippine Red Cross, to be held the Monday after Christmas. There was less than a week to organize an event and the timing was awkwardly close to the Christmas weekend, but given the emergency, speed was of the essence.

Recognition goes to all the players who sent donations to the Red Cross, many of whom were unable to attend the event. Thanks to Strike Force Sports for accommodating the event at their training center and CQB arena. And thanks to Evike.com for donating the prizes for the target competition.

The Phlippine Red Cross still needs your donations. Please go to http://www.redcross.org.ph/donate

The event was in three stages: A pistol target course, a 1-hr private CQB session, and a rifle target course. The scoring was based on the time to hit all 12 "steel" targets modified by the placement of hits on two paper targets. The course would be run a first time with pistols and a second time using rifles/SMGs with the combined times for the final scores.



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American Sniper: Chris Kyle


He is the deadliest American sniper ever, called “the devil” by the enemies he hunted and “the legend” by his Navy SEAL brothers . . .
From 1999 to 2009, U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle recorded the most career sniper kills in United States military history. The Pentagon has officially confirmed more than 150 of Kyles kills (the previous American record was 109), but it has declined to verify the astonishing total number for this book. Iraqi insurgents feared Kyle so much they named him al-Shaitan (“the devil”) and placed a bounty on his head. Kyle earned legendary status among his fellow SEALs, Marines, and U.S. Army soldiers, whom he protected with deadly accuracy from rooftops and stealth positions. Gripping and unforgettable, Kyle’s masterful account of his extraordinary battlefield experiences ranks as one of the great war memoirs of all time.

A native Texan who learned to shoot on childhood hunting trips with his father, Kyle was a champion saddle-bronc rider prior to joining the Navy. After 9/11, he was thrust onto the front lines of the War on Terror, and soon found his calling as a world-class sniper who performed best under fire. He recorded a personal-record 2,100-yard kill shot outside Baghdad; in Fallujah, Kyle braved heavy fire to rescue a group of Marines trapped on a street; in Ramadi, he stared down insurgents with his pistol in close combat. Kyle talks honestly about the pain of war—of twice being shot and experiencing the tragic deaths of two close friends.

American Sniper also honors Kyles fellow warriors, who raised hell on and off the battlefield. And in moving first-person accounts throughout, Kyles wife, Taya, speaks openly about the strains of war on their marriage and children, as well as on Chris.
Adrenaline-charged and deeply personal, American Sniper is a thrilling eyewitness account of war that only one man could tell.



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Haleystrategic: SCAR


The Haley Strategic training team has employed the FN Herstal SCAR(MK16, MK17) platform for over a year in our internal exercises as well as classes. Talking through his personal setups and the different weapon manipulation considerations that drives them, Travis Haley covers stock and advanced set-ups, utilizing rail extensions to modify the ergonomics and deliver faster performance in high risk situations.



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Afghan Special Forces with Ghostex Kilo-1 Pattern


The Afghan Special Forces now do use the Ghostex Kilo-1 Pattern. According to Soldier Systems, this is because the US Government stipulated that this pattern must have similar coloration but it has to be distinctively different from the OCP Pattern that the US soldiers are using. The reason for this is that both forces can work together but would not be mistaken for one another.

For more information about the Ghostex Kilo-1 visit: www.ghostex.com



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